Bull Nose - SH509- BNO

The Bullnose is a blanking device used at the end of the string. Its primary function is to prevent flow from entering the bottom end of the string, whilst its rounded nose design provides a positives guide while running in hole. Bull noses come in standard tool joint thread configurations and can be modified on location to best fit the application for which they are being used.


  • The multi-port nozzle is designed to give full radial coverage over the completion tubular during well intervention operations, while the porting can be manufactured in any combination of up, down and side jetting with port sizes to match the optimum performance for each size of nozzle.


  • Fully round end of the tool
  • Standard tool joint thread
  • Multi-port nozzle giving full radial coverage


  • Maximum reliability and simple functionality

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Various sizes, different threading & different materials are available. OD will vary with tubing weight and thread type
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