Blast Nipple - SH504- BN

A section of heavy walled tubing that is placed across any perforated interval through which the production tubing must pass, such as may be required in multiple zone completions. In addition to being heavier than normal completion components, the wall of a blast nipple / blast joint is often treated to resist the jetting action that may result in the proximity of the perforations.


  • Extends life of production tubing and completion equipment by minimizing effect of internal and external erosion caused by turbulent flow and jetting of fluid at the perforation area.


  • Manufactured with variety of different thread types (API/Proprietary) and thread Sizes.
  • Complies with API 5CT.


  • Reliable and consistent

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Thread Sizes Available at the customer’s request
  • Services H2S/CO2/Standard/Sour
  • Material Grades Available at the customer’s request
  • Length 3’ and 6’
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